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Katharinen Quartet:
The Katharinen Quartet was founded in 2006 in the Hanseatic city of Rostock, at the Rostock University of Music and Drama. It is named after its first permanent rehearsal location,
St. Katharinenstift in Rostock. St. Katharinenstift is a former Benedictine monastery, which now houses the Rostock University of Music and Drama and was the venue for
the Quartet’s first public performances.
The members of the Quartet are all classically trained musicians and winners of national and international competitions. They have each gained their experience of Chamber Music on stage, whether it be performing in various orchestras, as orchestral soloists or with their own projects.
The Katharinen Quartet has won numerous prestigious competitions, including the Internationalen Preis für verfemte Musik (International Prize for “Ostracised” Music – a prize dedicated to the musical heritage of the composers who were ostracised during the Nazi regime) of the Jeunesses Musicales in 2008. The Quartet regularly tours throughout Europe.
In 2017, a decade after its formation, the Katharinen Quartet began to extend its creative scope beyond the classical string quartet repertoire, and increasingly performs concerts of its own works and arrangements

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